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10 Tips for Saving Time at Thrift Stores

When you resell goods, you can prevent 85% of the clothing from ending up in landfills. Thrifting is adventurous, thus consignment shops, second-hand shops, and antique shops all need to adopt unique strategies to get the best deal. So to help you out here are some valuable tips that can save your time and money at thrift stores. 

Thrift Seasonally

If you visit thrift stores in spring and summer, you may have a better chance of finding a better collection of stuff. In the university town, at the end of each semester, thrift stores are filled with unnecessary appliances and furniture.

Shop By Locale

The content of the thrift stores keeps on changing continuously. For high-end electronics and brands, it is advised to shop in stores in wealthier areas. If you are looking for a stylish surprise, head to the trendy area.

Browse Often

The inventory of thrift stores keeps changing quickly, so if you want to find the best deals then you have to browse more often. This may take weeks or months, but finding the ideal dresser or tag linen jacket will make it all worthwhile.

Thrift through the Week

Since these stores receive large amounts of donations on weekends so the best time to shop is usually from Tuesday to Thursday. 

Have a Plan

It’s easy to be brought into unexpected miracles by goodwill, but if you don’t want to waste an entire afternoon then surely you need to develop a strategy. If you want only shoes and jeans of a specific type then you should focus on that type only.

Check Clothes

Remember, that the clothes you are about to buy are already worn so it is always recommended to check that cloth properly. Take those clothes which are not torn and require no or a little bit of clearance.

Bring a Tape Measure

It is always said, “measure twice, then buy once”. Make sure you know the size of the space you want to fill so that you can quickly determine if the furniture will be set properly.  It will help you in the overall process of your shopping.

Test Electronics

Never buy any electronic item without testing. If you are buying an electronic item you should check every part of it carefully and test it to the best of your practice. It is always advised to test the electronic items as there are more chances of having defects in these items as compared to other items.

Keep Track of Discounts and Sales

Follow your favorite stores on social media or join their mailing list to stay up-to-date on weekly specials. Military discounts, senior discounts, and other sales can turn a regular bargain into a spectacular buyer. So by keeping track of discounts and sales you can save a lot of your money.

What To Buy and What Not to Buy

One should always avoid buying undergarments, swimwear, pillows, and stuffed animals. If you follow these tips then no doubt you will surely be able to save both time and money and will have a nice time shopping at thrift stores.

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