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5 Things You Should Always Buy at Thrift Stores

Thrift shops are full of quality things and bargaining. The following are some types of items that you should consider buying at your local thrift store. But first, an important tip: set a budget before you start. Even in thrift stores, it is possible to overuse it, and it is tempting. So if you decide to pay $25, then put the plastic at home and only bring cash to the store. Also after reaching the limit, please go to the checkout counter immediately with no exceptions! 

1. High-end apparel

The quality of thrift stores has improved over years. They rarely try to sell every donation they accept. Instead, volunteers or a team of employees inspect the items that are received to them to determine which items are suitable for sale. In most cases, the residue will be returned to the donor or passed on to another charitable organization.

You may find that second-hand quality clothing can provide you with better and longer service than cheap new products. That new cheap blouse may look beautiful on the hanger, but on washing it once it has to be sent to the nearest garbage store. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about salesmen eager for success lingering you by your side, encouraging you to buy unneeded items to increase their commissions. 

 2. Furniture

If you want to decorate your house with furniture in an excellent way and without emptying your wallet then the thrift store is the best solution. My most memorable purchase from goodwill is my luxury leather office chair, which costs as much as $30. The suggested retail price is US$495.

3. Funky fashion items

Have you ever found a funky item that you want to try, but you are reserved because of the high price? Well, thrift stores can be a very good option for you. If it turns out that colorful dresses, a pair of oversized earrings, or leather wallets are no longer what you like, then you won’t feel pressured even if you only spend a few dollars.

A former colleague desperately needed a shirt to come to work, so he picked up something from the Salvation Army. One of them happened to stand out because it was very bright. After further inspection, we found that it was a Lacoste shirt worth $70, which he got for $1.75!

4. Picture frames

Visit almost all thrift stores and you will see a large pile of picture frames, some with pictures and some without pictures, usually located somewhere on the wall. I almost never buy photo frames in a retail store, because there are already many beautiful photo frames in thrift stores, and each one costs a few dollars. Spray it or bother with chalk powder, and they will instantly customize according to the look that you want.

5. Children’s clothing, toys, and sports equipment

The children are growing too fast! Most of the children’s clothes are either bought from their elder brother or sister or bought from a thrift store. We happen to live near a consignment store, which holds a one-day event twice a month and often find designer brands from Calvin Klein to Polo on the shelves. The promotion also includes toys, many of which are very gentle to use. 

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