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7 Best Foods to Eat With Braces

No matter what your reason, once you fix the orthodontic brackets and wires (also called braces) to your teeth, you will face the whole trouble.

Why? It is because of the movement in the position of teeth because of the pressure of wires to help straighten and align your teeth. Orthodontic correction puts a lot of pressure on the teeth and jaw, which can cause long-term pain, tooth sensitivity, and discomfort until your teeth move to a new position, thereby reducing the discomfort. In other words, until your orthodontist tightens your braces again, this restarts the pain cycle.

If that’s not bad enough, the braces make it hard to eat. Not only because everything gets stuck around and around them (you need to brush your teeth every time you eat, so you won’t end up with tooth decay), but also because some foods can be eaten with braces and some foods can’t.

So it is quite evident getting straighter teeth is not a fun game and you have to suffer a lot in the process, you have to bear the pain as well as have to be selective about what kind of food you will eat. 

Here comes the list of Five foods that can have in braces:

1. Eggs 

Properly cooked, scrambled eggs are wonderfully soft, so you can go easy on your teeth and braces while still eating a hearty meal. The same goes for soft-boiled, and hard-boiled eggs. They are delicious and quite soft to bite, you can start your day with a healthy breakfast. Eggs can be easily chewed. As long as you make sure to brush your teeth correctly afterward, you will not blow up people with bad breath.

2. Soup

The first few months after wearing braces can be a nightmare. After all, before your orthodontist tightens the braces for the first time, you really cannot understand the discomfort and pain that must be endured 24/7! And since you can’t keep yourself addicted to painkillers, the healthy soup will quickly become your best friend during this period.

3. Ice Cream

Every time you tighten your braces, your orthodontist will ask you to eat a lot of ice cream as soon as possible. There is a reason. This is an alternative to ice packs that can help you relieve your pain. Just remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating ice cream, because the sugar in desserts can cause tooth decay under the brackets, which can damage the teeth and destroy the treatment.

4. Boiled Peas

When wearing braces, stay away from hard and fragile foods. Therefore, if you like to eat unprocessed vegetables, you need to change your habits and start to over boil once you put on the braces.

5. White Rice

Choose soft bread that would be easy for you to chew, untoasted whole wheat bread would be the best option but you should avoid brown rice because the husk on the brown rice may get stuck between your brackets and teeth.

A place that is difficult to clean. Therefore, eat white rice when putting on braces. This will be the only time someone asks you to do this.

6. Smoothies

Smoothies can be served individually in a glass or in a bowl with toppings. They are the perfect “food” on the days when your braces make you fall. Smoothies are fun to make, and you can mix various fruits, vegetables, and liquids, so they will never be boring.

7. Pancakes

Pancakes meet the two criteria of the new brace food: they are delicious and easy to eat. They are soft enough that you can easily eat them without worrying about how sore jaws and teeth will worsen. 

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