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7 Dental Health Myths – You Shouldn’t Believe

As professionals always say, dental care is vital to our overall health. Many people understand that oral health is one of the top priorities for a healthy lifestyle. However, along with this, there are many myths that spread on dental health. False beliefs will never make your teeth healthy but instead, they will damage your oral health. Following are 7 dental myths that you shouldn’t believe:

Myth 1: The More You Eat Suger, The Worse It is For Your oral health

As we all know, sugar can cause tooth decay. Eating a lot of sugar is the main cause of tooth decay. Sugar is converted into acid by bacteria in the mouth, which in turn erodes the enamel of teeth. The frequency of sugar intake has a more impact rather than the amount of sugar intake. Therefore, if the sugar stays in your mouth longer, your teeth are more likely to have cavities. After eating sugary foods, it is very important to rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.

Myth 2: You Only Blame Sugar

People think that eating sugary foods will only lead to tooth decay, but this is not the case. Starchy foods, alcohol, citrus fruits, and sugar-free carbonated drinks are also the main sources of damage to your precious teeth. In any case, if you want to prioritize oral health, you should stop eating such foods or beverages, and start eating natural fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Foods rich in fiber can stimulate the flow of saliva, thereby replenishing the minerals in the teeth. 

Myth 3: Chewing sugar-free gum is better than brushing

A few people accept that chewing sugar-free gum is as significant as brushing teeth. Although sugar-free chewing gum containing xylitol that can help in ensuring dental health, nothing has been found to replace a toothbrush when it comes to providing you with good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day to make your teeth white as pearls. This is still the golden rule. 

Myth 4: Flossing is Unnecessary

Many people say that flossing is unnecessary and it is simply a waste of time. Whereas dentists usually say that flossing has a great impact on your oral health. There are various parts of your mouth that remain uncleaned after brushing also, so here flossing comes into the roll. 

Myth 5: Hard Brushing Makes Your Teeth Cleaner

It is completely wrong to brush your teeth harder to make your teeth cleaner. In fact, brushing your teeth hardly will cause bleeding gums and damage your tooth structure. As you know, gums and teeth are very sensitive therefore experts recommend using a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth lightly with a 45-degree angle relative to the gums. 

 Myth 6: Tooth Bleaching is Bad

In the past, people thought that bleaching teeth were harmful to teeth. Today, dental professionals only use pH-neutral solutions for bleaching. A neutral pH solution helps keep teeth white while keeping them from harm. 

Myth 7: Visit a dentist only when you have a toothache

People who do not go to the dentist regularly for reasons of oral health, end up with many oral health problems. You should remember that you will not immediately see the progress of oral health problems at first. For example, when tooth enamel starts to show cavities, you will not feel any pain. So it is necessary to have a dental visit on a regular basis. 

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