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7 Impactful Ways To Recycle & Repurpose Used Clothing

Most of the time, we are often left wondering what we can do with clothes that no longer fit or we have already worn them for a long time. Luckily, there are more than enough ways to get rid of what we no longer need. Here are 7 ways we can give our clothes a new lease of life and make an impact.

1. Host a garage sale & donate the proceeds

We often feel nostalgic when we think back to our neighborhood block parties and garage sales and those small-town events are always great fun and an easy way to give away your old clothes and even make a profit. If possible, we urge you to donate the proceeds to some organizations.

2. Directly support those in need 

If you want to support refugees, newly immigrated families,, there are many resources out there to find the best place for you. If you are not sure where to start, there is a list of organizations nationwide supporting refugees.

3. Donate clothes to retailers & receive a discount

A large number of businesses today have become more socially-conscious than ever before, and a number of companies now accept donated clothes and give store credit or a discount, in exchange.

4. Seek out local organizations

There are local chapters of nonprofit organizations that could use our excess clothing. There are several community-based organizations that often accept gently-used clothing or shoes. Many organizations also include a wishlist of their biggest wants and needs, and these donations are tax-deductible.

5. Thrift it up

One of the best bargain-hunting methods is to simply head to the local thrift shops, especially those that support communities in need. They partner with churches or nonprofit organizations. If you’re not sure where to look for such organizations, you can have a  quick Google search in your area to get started!

6. Clothing swap with friends & family

 It will be great fun to invite your loved ones over for a traditional clothing swap. Tell each one of them to bring at least 5-10 garments or shoes they no longer wear and that are still in good condition. Arrange for some appetizers and drinks for the guests, and get the party started. At the end of the event, everyone will walk away with one or more new additions to their wardrobes and feel even more excited for the next time around.

7. DIY it into something new

Turn your clothing into something useful such as a rug, quilt, or grocery store bag. You can easily turn your old shirts into a rug using a hula hoop or you can even create a new quilt from your sweaters or knitwears. If nothing else can be done, you can still use them as rags around the house.  

If despite their holes and tears, you’re still in love with your clothes and you do not want to part with these, you can always patch them up or create a new style of clothing out of them. Transform your jean jacket into a vest, or cut the bottom part of your jeans and add some lace to make shorts. 


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