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7 Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Parents always want the best care for their children and dental health. From the beginning of the first tooth, it is necessary to develop healthy oral hygiene habits to prevent children from facing the most common dental problems.

Here are the seven most common dental problems encountered by children and adolescents:

1. Cavities or Tooth Decay

Most young children are not good at brushing and flossing without supervision. Coupled with the fact that some children may eat too much sugar, tooth decay may become a major problem. When sticky plaque accumulates on the surface of the tooth, it can cause tooth decay. The acid in the plaque will eat up the enamel and eventually wear down the tooth.

2. Tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can be uncomfortable and distracting, often disrupting children’s attention and routine activities. A child’s tooth sensitivity is caused by several different factors, so having your child checked twice a year is essential to diagnose the underlying cause. Some of the different factors that can cause your teeth to be sensitive include:

  • Attenuation area (cavity)
  • A new outbreak of permanent teeth
  • Acid etching and enamel wear
  • Molars (molars)
  • Cracked or missing filling
  • Orthodontic treatment

3. Dental emergency

Dental emergencies can happen almost at any time. Children playing sports, living with siblings, or falling down on a bicycle are all scenes of dental-related accidents. These accidents can cause teeth to crack, break, or break. In more severe cases, permanent teeth may be completely knocked down.

4. Pediatric gingivitis and gum disease

You might think that gum disease is a dental problem that only occurs in adults. Unfortunately for parents, this is not the case. Gingivitis and gum disease can occur in children and are actually common among pediatric dental patients, it can lead to tooth loss and other serious conditions. Gingivitis is a precursor to gum disease, usually marked by red, swollen gums, and will bleed slightly when your child is brushing or puffy.

5. Orthodontic problems

Children rarely have completely straight teeth without any intervention. Fortunately, there are many orthodontic treatments that can help your child or teenager smile confidently. Orthodontic problems are usually caused by genetics. The size and shape of the mandible play an important role in the growth and gathering of children’s teeth. Some of the common misalignment problems in children include overbite, under bite, open bite, and spacing issues.

6. Excessive thumb sucking

Many babies, walkers, and young children rely on thumb sucking and pacifiers to relieve anxiety. This does not really become a problem until the child grows up, and will continue to maintain this habit, because prolonged thumb sucking may cause problems in the way the child’s teeth develop. Therefore, parents should not allow this habit to continue into the infant stage.

7. Dental anxiety and phobias

Faced with reality, many adults are nervous when they visit the dentist. Therefore, it is not surprising that children and adolescents are also often afraid of this experience. Dental anxiety can challenge your child to routine dental checkups and dental cleaning. It can also accompany them to adulthood and greatly affect their dental health.

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