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7 Reasons Thrift Shopping Helps The Planet

Buying new clothes for every occasion even when you can save the planet earth by choosing thrift shopping. Frugality is the ultimate way to fulfill the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” Items. 

1. Release your inner beauty with pink

If you want to create with your clothing to make every piece of clothing you wear has its own unique style? If you are the one who looks at the shirt or dress and thinks: “I can do something better with you? Where else can you find quality clothes that you can modify according to your preferences? Choose thrift stores!

2. Save a lot of money for designers

Thrift stores can also meet your requirements for famous brands. Most of these places offer clothes at least 50% lower than the original price, or even more. This is great because you can not only get big discounts on high-quality goods, but you can also rest assured that they are pre-cleaned, so you can use them with confidence. As the shrinking of the clothes is also an important point in the mind of the customers.

3. Bring a retro feel to your house, with actual vintage materials

The decoration style has a recycling method, which is actually very spectacular for the actual behavior of recycling itself. Remember the weird bowl your mother used to mix cookie dough when you were a kid? Suddenly, it was copied by Crate and Barrel and sold for $49.99. In fact, you can find a lot of such retro items in local thrift stores, and it is even better than some random reproductions because it has real experience.

4. Collect materials for all Pinterest projects you pin

If you really want to unleash your DIY creativity then thrift shopping is the wisest decision to make. Here you can get variety beyond your expectations.

5. Less clothing in Landfills

The development of the fashion industry is faster than ever. Retailers no longer release new clothes and designs four times a year as before, but new clothes every week. The number of garments produced has increased dramatically, while the price and quality of garments have declined.

6. Save resources: The production of clothes is very much water and energy-intensive. By doing thrift shopping you can save the energy and resources that are utilized in preparing those clothes.

7. Less Pollution: In fact, almost 20% of pesticides in the world are used on cotton plants. These chemicals pollute nearby water sources and acidify the soil. The dyes used in the textile manufacturing process also pollute the water supply.

They are usually dumped directly into nearby rivers or lakes because this part of the process is usually outsourced and carried out in underdeveloped countries where environmental regulations do not exist or cannot be effectively enforced.

Finally, the production of synthetic fibers releases nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide. If you switch to second-hand shopping, the money you spend will not be used to support the water and air pollution industry.

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