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7 Smart Ways to Save on a Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is a small part of the beginning of a new life between you and your loved one, but it can cause a lot of stress. Between booking a venue and preparing all the details, engagement can easily cause anxiety rather than joy. So here are the seven tips especially for you:

1. Wear a loved one’s dress

Most married women still wear wedding dresses. If you have a special woman in your life and logically you can wear her clothes, please ask her. Many people are happy to see their clothes put on again, especially those they care about.

When considering this, remember to consider any woman you love. You can wear the clothes of your mother, sister, cousin, aunt or even grandmother. If you are close to your fiancée’s family, maybe you can find a piece of clothing from someone over there. Or maybe you have a close married friend or a mentor and you want to borrow their clothes.

2. Save dress or fabric

Many people are backed by the idea of ​​buying a wedding dress from a thrift store, but the truth is that if you are willing to spend money to do things, you can usually make a lot of money. If you find a style you already like, that’s great. But don’t underestimate the clothes you hate. If it is made of high-quality fabrics, such as raw silk, the value of this material alone usually exceeds the price of used goods. And, at less than the price of new clothes, you can ask the tailor to refurbish or change the clothes to something you like.

3. Get designer discounts

Even if you wear designer clothes wholeheartedly, you don’t have to pay in full. Check online stores to find designer dresses people are reselling. Usually, these prices are only a small part of the new price of the dress.

4. Review a large number of retailers

Some of these dresses at retail shops are simple, so you may want to consider adding some details of your own. However, when the price of the dress itself is lower, making it more affordable will make it particularly suitable for your changes. If you happen to find a dress you like, there are even fewer dresses of your dreams.

5. Try sample sales website

Top sample sales sites offer bridal collections at very high discounts once or twice a year. The retail price of a designer dress is 50%-75% lower than the normal retail price, so you can snap up a beautiful dress.

6. Choose fabrics wisely

Some fabrics are more expensive than others (in the case of raw silk, this is the most expensive). Fortunately, there are many cheap fabrics that look spectacular and are much cheaper. In fact, technology has developed far enough that unless the expert and your dress are close to the individual, only an expert can tell the difference between expensive fabrics and cheap fabrics.

7. Shopping in winter (or summer!)

Winter and summer are when designers are ready to distribute new product lines. Retailers usually have to make room for these new clothes, and they do this by selling old inventory and storing samples at significantly reduced prices (sometimes as high as 80% discounts). Normally, you need to go shopping directly in these shops and prepare for the madness here, but if you are obsessed with specific clothes, which is worth it, then you can get an amazing deal.

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