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7 Thrift Store Fashion Tips for Finding Hidden Gems

Why thrift?

There are so many benefits to shopping second-hand, some of them are given below:

  • Get more for less money
  • Lower the demand for fast fashion
  • Leave less of an environmental impact
  • Find unique and creative pieces

1. Make a day out of it

If you have time to find an intern, you will have more luck. Frugality can never be guaranteed, and with time constraints, it is almost impossible. Arranging shopping time can make you browse easily. As thrift stores lack changing area with the help of someone you can save the time for you while looking at the things and trying different stuff.

2. Explore new spots 

The lesser-known cracking method is to avoid being frugal in fashionable, expensive areas.

Contrary to looking for more luxury goods, the trendy ‘convertible’ has more traffic-meaning that inventory can be split faster. On the other hand, exploring new neighborhoods will expose you to different demographics, which may lead to interesting works that you may not find anywhere else.

Of course, there is no doubt about it, but please avoid occupying cultural resources when shopping.

3. Go curated

If the idea of ​​sorting through drying racks gives you a headache, try shopping in independent boutiques. Small shops make it easier for you to screen out the best items on the shelves.

Many independent second-hand stores and curators have emerged in Toronto. Please note, however, the prices for these locations are much higher.

4. Go to a swap or event 

In Toronto, there are many social opportunities to save money.

In order to get the best independent effect, Toronto retro crawl and retro clothing show is held twice a year. Last year, one of our writers conducted research on Vintage Crawl, and she was not disappointed. Pay close attention to smaller exchanges and pop-up windows on Facebook and Eventbrite.

5. Dress for the occasion

Whenever I spend frugal shopping, I will dress for it. This means that once you enter the dressing room, you can put on and take off with comfortable clothes.

Need help dressing to impress? Register on IGNITE’s professional boutique on March 2nd and 3rd to get a free LinkedIn profile picture, quick resume reviews, mock interviews and more.

6. Ask the big questions

When frugal, remember your existing wardrobe and style. If you hate red, a dazzled red vest may not be a good idea. Similarly, if you never wear formal pants, the chances of not wearing formal pants are high in the future.

Finally, before putting down the credit card, ask yourself how you plan to design a new work. Do you have anything similar in your house? Are they in good condition? How do they fit? Keeping these things in mind will help you flag issues before making a regrettable purchase.

7. Try before you buy

We are all guilty of buying things without buying things, and we only feel disappointed when we get home. To avoid troublesome in-store redemption, please try everything before buying.

This ensures that the clothes actually fit, and at the same time allows you to imagine how to style them in the closet. Not to mention, the resizing guidelines have changed over time.

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