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7 Ways To Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving Celebration

Just because Thanksgiving this year looks a little different, and as COVID-19 precautions have been taken so that does not mean that it still cannot be fun, festive, and environmentally friendly. Thanksgiving Day is an important holiday for food waste and garbage, higher energy use, and other negative effects on our local environment. In order to have a more considerate and sustainable holiday, here are seven easy-to-implement tips that you can add to your Thanksgiving tradition in the coming years.

Make some sustainable decorations.

One of my favorite things about holidays is decorations! I like to decorate the house with my family to make everything more fun. Decorations made from recyclable and sustainable materials are the icing on the cake. This year, we will decorate the Thanksgiving table with flannel garlands made from the flannel shirts that I bought from Goodwill.

Ditch the disposables

Thanksgiving is a time when all of us should be more grateful. We should be grateful for the beautiful world in our lives and give back to the world by not using any type of disposable dishes or tableware. What if you want to wash a few dishes? At least you will not add it to the landfill. If your platter and other Thanksgiving dishes are insufficient, go to Goodwill. They have a lot of awesome products with holiday themes!

Bring reusable shopping bags when buying groceries.

When shopping in a grocery store, it is always a good idea to carry a reusable shopping bag for purchases. Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some grocery stores are restricting reusable bags. If this is the case then be sure to save your plastic bag and take it to many plastic bag recycling locations provided by grocery stores.

Use cloth napkins and dish towels

Setting up the Thanksgiving table with linen tablecloths and napkins can add a touch of elegance to the dinner event. Now, you only need some upgraded candlestick holders and colored candles to complete the look!

Travel smarter and get outside more.

Due to the pandemic this year, each of us must stay at home and celebrate in a small safe group. Although having to abandon the Thanksgiving trip plan is disappointing, especially when it means not seeing extended family and close friends, all of us need to stay healthy and safe. Another option is to put the turkey in the oven (someone monitors it at home), and then take a walk in the park outside, admire the autumn leaves, and spend some time in nature. You can also have video conferences with your loved ones and still enjoy meals together!

Rethink Black Friday and Cyber Monday

My plan for this year includes visiting the Goodwill store twice a week so that I can dig out the treasures as I know where to find gifts and reduce the number of gifts. I know that the time and energy I spend in finding frugal gifts will be appreciated by my family and friends.

Eat leftovers!

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I actually prefer leftovers to the main meal. After a whole day of cooking and eating along the way, when we sat down to eat, I was almost full. By the next day, all the food we cooked seemed to taste better, because the ingredients had solidified and my stomach was empty, ready to relive Thanksgiving. 

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