7 Ways to Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle your Wardrobe

Everyone has unwanted clothes filled in their wardrobes that they don’t wear anymore. This is usually the result of too many online purchases or continuous purchasing to keep yourself going with the trend. However, this kind of excessive consumption is actually damaging the planet. 

We need a new way of shopping; reduce purchases, buy selectively and dispose of unwanted items responsibly. In the end, we should give clothing a chance to withstand the test of time. If you switch to these 7 simple steps, you can still look good, feel good, save a huge amount of money and at the same time make the planet better. 

Reduce the urge to shop ‘on-trend

The trend is temporary and keeps on constantly changing. Although the trend will eventually pick up, at the same time, clothes are often regarded as disposable. This not only wastes a lot of materials and resources involved in production but also after when the next new trend emerges, clothes are often thrown directly into landfills. 

Reduce the amount you buy on the highstreet

That being said, you don’t have to completely ignore shopping on the street, because some basic items are hard to find anywhere else. However, even if you reduce your consumption from large companies, it will significantly reduce your own personal expenditure every year. 

Save money by shopping at thrift stores

Thrift stores are independently owned treasure stores, usually filled with rare and outstanding deals. Compared to shopping on the street, you can indeed save more money from your purchases, and it will not harm the planet also. 

Re-Use hand-me-downs!

For most people, especially those with brothers and sisters, passing on clothes from one person to another is nothing new. Compared with the clothes bought by your family which are totally brand new, clothing such as coats, shoes and denim jeans from your family or friends will save you a lot of cash. 

Re-Use the fabric from old clothing

A good way to reuse old clothes or damaged clothes is to rework the fabric. You can create cushion covers, bags, wallets, hats, and scarves. All you need is just a basic sewing machine, enough fabric, and some creativity. 

Recycle unusable fabric

Sometimes the clothes are too damaged to be reused or abandoned, and as a result, they are often landfilled. However, you can still recycle old fabrics locally. On the old fabrics, old scraps will be broken down and used to make brand new items, such as cleaning cloths and industrial blankets. 

Recycle clothing by donating to charities 

After the closet is cleaned once every two years, you can donate unnecessary clothes to a female shelter, charity, or community maid. You can even sell them using the widely used thrift app Depop, all of which can be done safely using Pay pal. This is a fun and environmentally friendly way to recycle old clothes (you can make some money when you use them).

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