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7 Worst Behaviors For Teeth

We all know that brushing and flossing teeth and gums are vital for health. However, most of us do not consider how our other daily eating habits from food and beverages to daily activities will affect the long-term health of our teeth. Following are 7 worst behaviors that can harm your teeth:

Eating candy

All of us know that candy is filled with sugar and is not at all good for teeth or health. However, despite having a lot of knowledge, many people are always addicted to candy. Sucking them or consumption of it on a regular basis is terrible for teeth. Also sucking candy in the same position of the mouth will expose the teeth to the sugar again and again, which will increase the chances of tooth decay.

Playing Contact Sports Without An Appropriate Mouth Guard:

Physical education is incredible for physical exercise. Sports mouthguards protect your teeth from chipping, breaking, or being knocked out under any circumstance. If your mouth is not properly guarded while performing a physical activity then it can cause serious damage to your teeth.

Using the wrong toothbrush

An improper toothbrush used twice a day on a regular basis may cause some damage to teeth and gums. Also, medium-hard bristle toothbrushes can cause gum shrinkage and enamel erosion. It is always advised by dentists to use soft toothbrushes.

Chewing On Ice

We should never chew ice. Ice is absolutely hard for teeth and can cause teeth to crack and break. Save the ice cubes for your refreshing drinks and save your teeth. Your teeth are simply not meant for the chewing of ice.  If you have a lot of cravings for chewing then there can be many reasons for that, so a simple blood test can surely help you out in figuring out the real cause behind it.

Consumption of coffee and soda

Coffee can cause exposure to sugar in the mouth, and the acid of coffee can cause severe damage to the teeth. Constant exposure to sugar will make the enamel exposed to corrosion and increase the possibility of decay. In addition, if you continue to drink soft drinks, you will surely damage your teeth. The amount of sugar present in soft drinks is very high which will serious teeth problems in the future.

Nail Biting

This tense habit can hurt your teeth and affect your jaw also. Placing the jaw in the wrong position for a long time will put pressure on it, which might lead to jaw joint dysfunction. On the other hand, using teeth as a tool for opening a package or other items can cause injuries. 


Grinding can cause teeth to chip or break and it also causes muscle ache or joint pain. Due to stress and lack of good sleep habits, the grinding of teeth may worsen and become more aggressive, which may wear out the teeth over a period of time. If you do not regularly exercise then you will have to take out some time to exercise as this will help you out with this problem.


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