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Top 7 Tips & Tricks for Healthy Teeth

Dental health is something that has not received its due attention in the past. This is a common belief-just brushing your teeth is enough to keep your teeth healthy. but it is not the truth.

1. Brush twice a day

There is a common misconception that brushing your teeth after awakening is sufficient.  You need to brush your teeth at least twice every morning and night. It is best to brush your teeth before and after each meal to remove food particles that may enter cavities.

2. Use the right toothpaste

The type of toothpaste you use is critical to oral health. Making sure your toothpaste contains fluoride can help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.

3. Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbonated and carbonated beverages contain a lot of sugar and a lot of edible acids. It is well known that edible acids will weaken teeth by softening tooth enamel. It is also believed that extreme eating may even cause eating acid to swallow your teeth down to your gums. Therefore, please avoid excessive consumption.

4. Avoid opening bottles and nuts with teeth

Cracking nuts with teeth and opening bottles may seem fun and convenient, but it can be very helpful in destroying teeth. Your teeth may peel off and break completely.

5. Protect your teeth

The habit of wearing masks and helmets when exercising is rare. I agree that it can be very annoying to stick something to your teeth during exercise. However, in the long run, this is necessary.

After exercising, you don’t want to go home, your teeth are broken and your mouth hurts. You can? Therefore, always be vigilant when playing.

6. Eat more crunchy fruits and vegetables

Eating an apple a day can even keep the dentist away. The dentist recommends that you eat fruits and vegetables that are crunchy and difficult to chew. In addition to healthy eating, these foods can also help you strengthen your jaw.

Nowadays, people (especially children) are used to processed food, which is easy to chew. In the long run, this will continue to develop weak gums.

7. Don’t limit yourself to brushing your teeth

Many people do not choose to use dental floss and mouthwash. Use dental floss cleaning tools to remove all tooth areas that are difficult to reach by the toothbrush. It is enough to use dental floss once a day. Mouthwash has many benefits. It can reduce the acid content of teeth and provide essential minerals for teeth.

Following some of the techniques mentioned above can greatly enhance the health of your teeth. Although the effort may seem hard, it is imperative when you grow up to have natural teeth instead of artificial teeth.


This article would prove a great help to have healthy teeth, in modern times when the folks are not eating healthy food. It is all the more important to give proper care and nourishment to your teeth. So choose healthy food and have a healthy and bright smile.

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