Top Reasons Why You Should Donate to Charity

When you choose to donate, you may not realize that donating to charity will do more than just helping your favourite cause, giving can also help you with many personal benefits. Whether you opt to donate to charities supporting the population living in poverty, contributing to protect the environment,  or addressing other world or local problems, charities need your support to continue their initiatives, but giving can feel just as good as receiving!

Why do people donate to charities? Here is the list of reasons below:

There are some financial benefits when you donate to charity.

Did you know that donations to charity can save your money come tax time? When you donate goods to a registered charity in Canada, you will get a tax receipt for your donation. Your receipt can then be submitted along with your annual tax return so that you receive a tax credit of up to 53 percent of your donation! In addition you also save on capital gains tax when you donate your securities directly. This makes sure that more money is going to help others because you will be able to give more to your favourite charity. A large contribution could mean large savings on your taxes, and for everyone that’s a pretty big reason why you should donate to charity!

Teach kids the importance of giving.

Teaching children to think and care about others is an important life lesson. When children see you give, they will grow up learning that giving back is the right thing to do and follow your footsteps. So, donation to charity also helps you be a good role model for your children.

Giving promotes feelings of happiness.

Helping others feels awesome and satisfying. When you donate to a charity in an NGO or any other organization or anyone that is in need it is important to you because you not only help them improve in their vital work, you’re also contributing to your emotional well being, a win-win situation!

Experience lifelong benefits when you donate your time.

If you are not capable or it is not possible for you to contribute financially to charity, but are looking for other alternate ways to give back, considering volunteering your time instead. You will meet many new, like-minded people, learn many new skills to add to your resume, or complete necessary community hours successfully for school programs.You can also get engaged in the community that supports your favourite cause. For example, if you go to a fundraising event for your favourite charity, you’ll meet many new, like minded people who care about the same cause.

Donating gives you the opportunity to show gratitude.

Life is very busy, and it can sometimes be very easy to forget to show your gratitude and love for all that you’ve been given. There are many Canadian charities and organizations doing vital work across the country and around the globe. When you are in a position to give and are researching a charity to support, this can remind us of all that we have, and the act of donating  is a way to express our feelings .

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